H I D E O U S   C A M B R I D G E ,   A   C I T Y   M U T I L A T E D

text by David Jones,
photography by Ellis Hall

Published by Thirteen Eighty One LLP
ISBN 978-0-9926073-0-2
Price £18.50

'Hideous Cambridge' a Spectator Book of the Year.

The Spectator magazine has chosen 'Hideous Cambridge, A City Mutilated' as one of its 2013 Books of the Year.

Recommending it, Richard Davenport-Hines writes:

As a devotee of Osbert Lancaster’s Progress at Pelvis Bay and Drayneflete Revealed — those gloriously illustrated studies of imaginary towns ruined by philistine developers and complacent planners — I fell with delight upon Hideous Cambridge: A City Mutilated (Thirteen Eighty-One, £18.50). David Jones’s text, accompanied by Ellis Hall’s photographs, show how a university city has been disfigured: batteries of traffic signage ruining fine perspectives, ugly street furniture, vulgar shop frontages, crass buildings with their roof-line jumble of lift-shafts and machinery, coarse materials and the boorish parsimony of some of the colleges. Though one flinches and shudders through Hideous Cambridge, Jones finds new buildings to admire and pointers for better practice. It’s a provocative book for anyone who cares about urban living


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'Hideous Cambridge' a Heffers / Blackwells bestseller!

Heffers local bestsellers display.

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Available from local bookstores

'Hideous Cambridge, A City Mutilated' can be purchased from Heffers, David's and Waterstones in Cambridge, and from Toppings in Ely. See the sidebar on this page for details.

Copies on Heffers' 'hot topics' table.

In pole position on Heffers' 'hot topics' desk, next to Seamus Heaney!

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'Hideous' in the news

This double page spread in the Cambridge News of 3 September 2013 by Emma Higginbotham provoked much debate in the local media.

Some notorious architectural specimens given the street of shame treatment.

View the article along with readers' responses on the Cambridge News website.

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Photographic exhibition at the Central Library, August / September 2013

This was a great success, with over 50 visitors writing detailed responses in the comments book and a large number of copies of 'Hideous' sold. Copies are still available from the Cambridgeshire Collection, situated on the third floor of the Central Library, Lion Yard, Cambridge.

The exhibition.

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'Hideous Cambridge, A City Mutilated' launched!

Thirteen Eighty One is pleased to announce the publication of 'Hideous Cambridge, A City Mutilated' by David Jones. This book examines the effects of the rampant and seemingly unregulated growth that has been occurring in Cambridge over the past decade, and asks penetrating questions about the direction in which it is taking the city.

Cambridge is now changing more quickly and on a larger scale than at any time since the early 19th century. Local residents are witnessing a wholesale transformation of their cityscape seemingly conducted without regard for their wishes or opinions. 'Hideous Cambridge' is the impassioned and informed response of one such local resident.  It is vital reading for anyone who cares about the city, its unique character, and the quality of life it affords its residents.

Find out more here.
See inside the book here.
Buy it here.

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